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Okay. So while she lives in Adstring, Korra's obviously going to pick up stuff, whether it's new skills or items. Also since some people that she knows have a tendency of going home, she may end up getting stuff from them too. So this is going to be where I list them out. If it conflicts with anything, please leave a comment here, shoot me a pm to this account, or private plurk [plurk.com profile] Tophie.

Last Update: 9/15/12, 2:41am

-Waterbending (from home)
-Earthbending (from home)
-Firebending (from home)
-Seismic Sense
--both of the above learned from Toph and Lin Beifong
-how to use the A-Ts listed below
--courtesy of Akgito
-control over the Avatar State (but strong tendency to abuse it when she sees fit)
-Korra!level mastery of airbending

Arrived with...
-The clothes on her back (from the end of epsode 12), all mended
--Her sleeveless shirt, both arm-covers, tribal-patterned armband, fur wrap, that other wrap thing, pants, pair of boots, short-sleeved coat (fur trim on hood, sleeves, shoulders, and bottom hem), and all three hair pieces
-Naga, with saddle and reins traded for canon update, so she rides bareback now

Accumulated in Adstring
-A-Ts, from Akgito
-preserved meat and lake prunes, kept on ice until use
-one mid-weight coat with frayed sleeves, Korra cut them to match the length of her coat from home
-about half a dozen pairs of gloves and mittens, found in the red balloons during the day (the rest she has gotten rid of one way or another)
-half a dozen scarves, also found in the red balloons (the rest she has gotten rid of one way or another)
-two dozen small cans of who-knows what, found in the red balloons
-from visiting Katara's house after hearing she was gone: A LETTER OF ENCOURAGEMENT promising Korra that it will get better, her water sling, and the knives that Sokka made her (because you can't always rely on bending); Korra will also make sure the perishable food is kept on ice (until it can be distributed, anyway) and take some of the seeds
- TWO FIRE FERRETS: a slim one named Ikkuma and a fatter one named Tunnulik (Canadian-Inuit for "fire" and "fat (as a descriptor)", descriptor)
- ONE PEADUCK: named Tahno... he's super annoying, jumps at any loud noise, wakes her up at the crack of dawn for food, and sometimes gets stuck under her bed and squawks loudly until she pulls him out (sometimes she swears he does it on purpose)
- ONE CHOCOBO: named Asami because she's pretty, graceful, and once kicked a Tonberry so it flew across the room and back out the door before it could stab Korra
- ONE TAPIR: she doesn't know this little guy comes in and out of her house, but he's been visiting from time to time while she sleeps to eat up any of her nightmares
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[It's written on several pieces of semi-ruined and partially-used paper in whatever Korra could find. Mostly colored crayons, judging by the tiny pieces scattered on the table. A tiny stick with scorched ends reveal the source of the first few lines that appear to be written in charcoal. Some of the words are a bit smudged before the switch to crayon. But to those who can decipher it, this is what they'll find:]

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