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OOC Contact Info/How's My Driving/Permissions/Catch-All Post

Need to talk? Got a comment or crit on how I play Korra? Curious what sort of permission you have with my character for certain things? You've come to the right place. All comments are initially screened, IP logging is off, and Anonymous is on. If anonymous comments start getting full of flames, I'm turning it off. I haven't had problems yet, so let's keep it that way.

Contact Info
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] Tophie; keep in mind, it is friend's locked
AIM: metalbender pwns
PM: send a message to this account

Or drop a comment below.


How's My Driving?
Think I'm missing the mark with Korra? Well, you've come to the right place! Lay out what you think is wrong and the reasons why. Anything that follows a format of "you suck, get out" with no explanation why I suck or should get out will be ignored.

Got a problem with how I am as a player? I'd prefer you tell me to my face, but if you'd rather say something anonymously here, go for it.


Threadhopping: I am a-okay with it, so long as the thread is public. If it's properly locked to one or more characters, none of which are yours, I'll have to say no.
Backtagging: Sometimes I'm a slow tagger. Sometimes real life gets in the way of rp things we want to do. I'm usually okay with backtagging. If we have a thread that's a month or two old that's incomplete and you want to finish it, just prod me.
Hugging this character: She's gotta be close to your character for this to happen. And even then, it would be something like a "goodbye until who knows when", "yay we won", or "thank goodness you're okay" sort of deal. Korra doesn't give out hugs like candy on Halloween. Okay? Okay.
Kissing this character: Do it, and her reaction will fall along the lines of pushing off the offender. Exception 1: Someone she hates will get a more violent reaction. Exception 2: If you are her current canon/in-game crush, she may reciprocate....
Relationships: If it happens it happens, I guess.
Punching this character: You're welcome to try, but there better be an IC reason why. So come talk to me first.
Injury: Given how much she loves fighting, it's bound to happen. If your character feels compelled to come hurt her, let me know please.
Death: I understand death happens in this game. It's something I'm not going to take lightly, so come talk with me so we can plot it out.

Any other applicable sections will be added as necessary.